The Birthday Party
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Rowland S Howard Lane

June 2015

A lane in the back streets of St. Kilda was officially unveiled as Rowland S Howard Lane on June 4th. 2015. After much hard work by Nick Haines and Michelle Nicol with great support from some of their friends and a couple of the City Councillors the street sign was revealed before an enthusiastic group of family, friends and fans (and the odd bemused and confused passer-by).

Liberation takes over catalogue in Australia


The BP are very please to announce a new agreement to handle the catalogue in Australia. Liberation Records will be releasing all studio albums plus the Peel Sessions and Live 81-82 on vinyl in the next 12-24 months. A box set of the titles should also be made available on CD. Liberation have already taken over the digital releases through iTunes etc.

Vinyl Re-Issues Again


After a long and eventually successful struggle to release a deluxe double 12” re-issue of the ‘Mutiny!’ album in 2014 Drastic Plastic have followed up their previous releases by doing another run of the first 3 albums on vinyl in the US. ‘Hee-Haw’, ‘Prayers on Fire’ and ‘Junkyard’ will be available in limited release quantities throughout 2015.

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